Allergy Free Jewelry Launching August 1st 2022!

Allergy Free Jewelry Launching August 1st 2022!

Launching August 1st 2-22, I will be releasing earrings made using titanium post for my fellow people that suffer allergies from wearing earrings. Sadly, most earring post contain nickel which can cause allergic reactions. Your ears become red, swollen and itchy making wearing earrings unbearable and painful. 

My new line of earrings will solve this problem. You see titanium is light and strong. They are also hypoallergenic because it is biocompatible with our bodies. Meaning our body doesn't react to the metal. So it is best for people who have allergies or sensitivities to metals.

With my new line of earrings using titanium post will bring back the joy of wearing earrings again. 

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I am also releasing a line of earrings that are clip-ons for my non pierced ear Chibi Dolls. Great for young Chibi Dolls to even the more mature Chibi Doll. 

You'll find one of a kind jewelry with us at Chibi Couture!


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